Windows Patches – Are You Up to Date?

Microsoft Windows OS Updates

I often read The Register for it’s unique, and informative take on what’s happening in the tech world. And today I saw an interesting article about a Windows vulnerability that has been in the operating system since 2001. Yes you read that right.   Fear not – the vulnerability has been patched and is available in the latest windows update, which rolled out yesterday.  Read more about the vulnerability here

Keeping your operating system up to date protects you from viruses and malware

But this brings me to the point of this post. Are you up to date?  How often do you check? Do you know how to?  If you don’t know, and need help, please #CallTheGeek and get in touch with me. I can show you how to stay secure, and give you a handy guide to keep for future reference.  It’s really important to stay up to date to ensure vulnerabilities such as the one described in article are patched. And if you are running Microsoft Windows, they now have a fixed release timetable, and end of support dates. See Microsoft windows “Support Lifecycle” (or timetable) here

It’s super easy to check if you are up to date in windows 10. I’ve put together a quick video to show you, so you have no excuses! You can view it here, or head over to my Facebook page and give me a follow.

How to Check for Updates in Windows 10

So remember, apply windows patches when they are released to help you stay safe online.

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