Problems sending emails from BT?

If you have recently started having problems sending emails from an iPad or iPhone with BT Internet email, there’s an easy fix!

Problems sending emails from BT

I’ve been to see two customers in the village this week with the same problem. Suddenly they can’t send emails from an iPad or iPhone.  It seems like BT have made it mandatory for you to have SSL switched on for your outgoing mail server. This is a good idea, so you should do it anyway. If this is happening to you, go into settings, select your mail account, and then your outgoing mail server. If SSL is switched off, switch it on and click ‘Done’. You should then see it verifying, and ticks appearing against your name and password.  Now try sending an email!  It should be fixed.  #CallTheGeek

You can also read about the correct mail settings here

Get in touch for help, if needed

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