About Me: Meet the Geek, Corrine Green

The Greystoke Geek

I spent twenty years working in IT for financial services in Edinburgh. As a ‘Solutions Architect’ I had to solve complex problems, and ensure that both my bosses and my developers could understand what I was trying to achieve.

As a result, I’m great at taking very technical things and explaining them in language that anyone can understand.

Personally, I’ve been playing around with computers and tech for as long as I can remember, and always love learning about new gadgets! I’ve been fixing problems with computers, printers, networks and phones for my family and friends for years – often over the phone!

Low cost, local help

Based in Greystoke, and serving the surrounding area, I’m here to support you, in person, with everyday issues. No problem is too small, and my rates are £12 per hour (An additional £12 petrol fee applies for customers over 10 miles away from Greystoke).

If you would like some personal tuition, call me to discuss what you would like to achieve, and I can give you a tailored price.

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