How to Stay Safe Online

Magnifying Glass on Keyboard

It’s really important to Stay Safe Online. But since starting my business, I’ve seen malware-infected machines (Windows and iOS) and email accounts that have been hacked. So I’ve put together this essential security guide to help you #StaySafeOnline.

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Facebook Data Breach and Huge Outage

Social Media by Jeremy Bezanger, Unsplash

So yesterday (4th October) Facebook had a bad day. First of all there was the whistleblowing on their “profit over public good”. You can read more at The Guardian here.

Then Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all disappeared. For over 6 hours. During that time, reports of a massive 1.5 billion user data breach also began appearing. Was there a link? Had Facebook been hacked? Do you need to do anything?

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Coronavirus: how I am staying Covid-19 Secure

Hand washing

Here’s an update on what I am doing to make sure I am working as safely as possible with you, and how I am adapting my business to stay Covid-19 Secure.

Please note remote working is still the preferred support option at present. However in limited circumstances, and with the appropriate risk controls in place, I do now offer the following additional services:

  1. Face to face support in an outside place
  2. Indoor support, with appropriate risk mitigation
  3. Device drop-off and pick-up

Read on to find out more, and review my risk assessment.

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Update your iPhone or iPad NOW to avoid issues!

Apple Devices. GPS bug issue

Apple have recently announced there is a GPS bug in old iOS versions which means that GPS, date and time settings may stop working on 3rd November (Basically an internal GPS counter resets to 0 on that day, and it sounds like their code doesn’t take this into account).  After that date, if affected, your device could stop working.

Read on to find out what to do.

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Windows Patches – Are You Up to Date?

Microsoft Windows OS Updates

I often read The Register for it’s unique, and informative take on what’s happening in the tech world. And today I saw an interesting article about a Windows vulnerability that has been in the operating system since 2001. Yes you read that right.   Fear not – the vulnerability has been patched and is available in the latest windows update, which rolled out yesterday.  Read more about the vulnerability here

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