How to Stay Safe Online

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It’s really important to Stay Safe Online. But since starting my business, I’ve seen malware-infected machines (Windows and iOS) and email accounts that have been hacked. So I’ve put together this essential security guide to help you #StaySafeOnline.

Coronavirus: how I am staying Covid-19 Secure

Hand washing

Here’s an update on what I am doing to make sure I am working as safely as possible with you, and how I am adapting my business to stay Covid-19 Secure.

Please note remote working is still the preferred support option at present. However in limited circumstances, and with the appropriate risk controls in place, I do now offer the following additional services:

  1. Face to face support in an outside place
  2. Indoor support, with appropriate risk mitigation
  3. Device drop-off and pick-up

Read on to find out more, and review my risk assessment.

Windows Patches – Are You Up to Date?

Microsoft Windows OS Updates

I often read The Register for it’s unique, and informative take on what’s happening in the tech world. And today I saw an interesting article about a Windows vulnerability that has been in the operating system since 2001. Yes you read that right.   Fear not – the vulnerability has been patched and is available in the latest windows update, which rolled out yesterday.  Read more about the vulnerability here

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