Wifi. It’s great. When it Works …

wifi issues

Modern life is complicated. And when things stop working it can often be difficult to work out why. This can be very frustrating! Wifi issues can cause big headahces.

Recently I’ve given a health check and clean restart to a troublesome Wifi system, and fixed a Spotify / iTunes / Wifi Radio problem!  So whatever you’re problem, give me a ring and see if I can help you! #CallTheGeek

GDPR. Why we keep getting emails about updated Privacy Terms.

Magnifying Glass on Keyboard
Magnifying Glass on Keyboard

You may not have heard of ‘GDPR’ (or the General Data Protection Regulation). It came into law nearly 2 years ago in May 2016, with a two year transition period until it becomes mandatory. As is the way, mostly everyone’s ignored it until now, when there are only a few weeks left. On 25th May 2018 the new rules apply to pretty much every single business. Now the rush to comply is on …​

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