Windows 10: Upgrade and #StaySafeOnline

Windows 7 officially stops being supported by Microsoft on the 14th January 2020. If you are still running it after that date you will be vulnerable to attack. I strongly recommend an upgrade, if your computer can support Windows 10. Read on to find out more about my upgrade service.


It’s no longer possible to upgrade through the update centre. But it is still possible to upgrade without paying Microsoft £120 for the privilege. You can read what Microsoft have to say about this here.

I offer an upgrade service which includes

  • An initial system check to ensure your specification meets Windows 10 requirements.
  • A cleanup of your device to remove old programs
  • Malware, adware and virus scanning
  • A full system restore image – just in case the upgrade goes wrong
  • An upgrade to Windows 10
  • Installation of free, high quality malware and anti virus tools
  • Installation of a safe-browsing plugin to help you stay safe online

To book an initial assessment #CallTheGeek and I will help you #StaySafeOnline

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