Coronavirus: how I am staying Covid-19 Secure

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Here’s an update on what I am doing to make sure I am working as safely as possible with you, and how I am adapting my business to stay Covid-19 Secure.

Please note remote working is still the preferred support option at present. However in limited circumstances, and with the appropriate risk controls in place, I do now offer the following additional services:

  1. Face to face support in an outside place
  2. Indoor support, with appropriate risk mitigation
  3. Device drop-off and pick-up

Read on to find out more, and review my risk assessment.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

In line with HSE guidelines, and the governments Covid-19 Secure policies, I have recently undertaken a risk assessment to ensure I work safely and securely during the Covid-19 crisis. The main risk in my business is close contact with customers, many of whom are elderly, and some vulnerable.

In summary, I will continue to work remotely where possible to support you. Since June 2020 I have been offering face to face consultation outdoors. When lockdown regulations permit I am also able to offer indoor consultations as well.

I am also able to offer pick-up and drop-off service for devices.

Risk Mitigation with PPE, hand gel and 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes

Where I am meeting customers face to face, I will be wearing a face mask, and will be using 70% alcohol hand gel and wipes.

Where I can arrange drop-off and pick-up of devices I will also do so safely, using gloves, face covering, 70% alcohol hand sanitizer gel and alcohol wipes.

Actions I have already taken

In February 2020 I began using 70% alcohol hand gel before touching customer devices. I stopped house visits on 16th March 2020, in advance of lockdown, and advised all my customers of this. I have put in place various processes and controls – and you can read them in more detail in my Risk Assessment. In June 2020 I added outdoor consultations.

Moving Forward

II am regularly reviewing the national and local situation, and the relevant government guidelines. Whilst I am currently able to offer indoor consultations, I will only do this as long as it is safe to continue.

I am fully committed to ensuring the safety of my customers, and to regular reviews of my Risk Assessment.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I am here to support you, so if you need help, please don’t hesitate to #CallTheGeek. We will find a support model that works for you.

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