Coronavirus and Remote Support

Pleas read this important update on Coronavirus, and alternative ways in which I can help you over the coming weeks using phone and remote support.

Hand washing is important during the coronavirus pademic

Coronavirus: What I am doing to support you

Last updated 6th October 2020

During this ongoing pandemic I wanted to reassure my customers about what I am doing, and how I can still help if you have issues.

You can read more about my Covid-19 policies in my Risk Assessment. And you can find out more details on remote support below.

Phone Support: I have already started providing phone support to customers, and I am more than happy to continue to do so. So please ring if you have any issues.

Remote Support Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows me to see your screen, and, if necessary, take control of it remotely. This should allow me to continue to fix most of your problems without having to visit.

Chrome Remote Desktop is easy to use but please remember: use this tool with caution and never allow strangers to take over your computer.

Remote Support on a PC or Mac: You can install Chrome Remote Desktop here, and once that is installed I should be able to see your computer screen and, if necessary, take control of the computer to fix issues. *NB You need to do this from within the Chrome browser. If you do not have chrome, you can get it here

Here’s a couple of quick videos showing you how to install Chrome Remote Desktop and how to allow remote access

How to install Chrome Remote Desktop

How to allow remote access

Teamviewer: I used to use Teamviewer for remote access, but unfortunately it is too expensive for me. If you have installed Teamviewer by all means feel free to uninstall it.

So to all my customers: stay safe and healthy, and do not hesitate to pick up the phone if you have issues, as I will be able to help you remotely in the vast majority of cases.

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