Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

Facebook has been in the press for all the wrong reasons recently.  But were you affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal?  It’s pretty easy to find out …

Cambridge Analytica

The problem explained.

An app developed by Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested the personal data of millions of people. This Guardian article explains the issue in more detail.

Find out if you have been impacted.

Follow this link to find out if you have been affected.

The real scandal is that if one of your friends downloaded the ‘this is your digital life’ app from Cambridge Analytica, then you may have been impacted. 

Discover what other data Facebook holds for you.

See what data Facebook holds for you. Download a copy here so that you can assess it: 

Make your Facebook profile more secure.

It’s easy to secure your Facebook profile. Do this, because this is good practice.

If you’re unsure how to lock down your Facebook privacy settings, get in touch so that I can help.